Club Members


Within our club we believe that every one is equal. Everyone who is or becomes a member obviously has something to offer the club and their opinion counts. We are all different and come from all walks of life. That is what makes us interesting. We are an eclectic mix of people who LOVE to ride. I think it is fair to say all of our members, prospects and associates are unique and original human beings. Despite or because of this we have all come together to be Cerberus M.C.C.



Promoted to President at the beginning of this year. Trist is a mindful and compasionate. He is a devoted and loyal member of our club. His youth belies his experience and empathy. He is a man out of time in some ways. Trist is a Douglas Adams and Sir Terry Pratchett fan with the dry, dark and deadpan sense of humour to match. He also enjoys a bit of Monty! He rides an old, very well kept Suzuki Intruder as well as his work horse a Yamaha Fazer 600.



Our new Vice President as of January. Who is seen at the moment on either an SV650 or a lovely Virago 535. He can be seen briefly here there and everywhere. He is fun to be with and a proper happy go lucky chap. Although lucky he isn’t. Except he’s part of Cerberus MCC! That’s a very good thing. Most people live life in the fast lane, however we’ve found out that Loui lives it in the bus Lane. We all love Loui!



The New Secretary of Cerberus as of January. Mark currently rides a Yamaha Diversion ’96 600cc, with aspirations to have his Reliant Trike up and running for the summer. He is a kind, thoughtful and inoffensive man. He’s a technical wizz with gadgets, computers and websites. A lover of all things 80s, Mark has a more than extensive knowledge of all games retro. Is also strong supporter of Glamping, having every single little possible item you could want or need at a Rally from Electrical to cookery.



Always good for a laugh and always does whatever the club needs him to do. He is an original. The last of a dying breed of biker. He rides anything and everything. John has been riding solidly since he was seventeen years old. That is quite a while, as his “chromed” beard might suggest.  Fabulous bloke…not so good at selfies… John is now currently residing with his wife Dawn, In sunny spain we hear there is not much luck with the fish at the moment!



Dawn is one of the boys in a good way. She has a full licence and has held it for almost 20 years. She love riding and enjoys all the banter that goes along with it. Whatever your problem may be, Dawn is the person to go to with nothing but loving advice shown to all members and friends.



Richard can strip your bike and rebuild it before you finish your pint. A true motorcycle genius. Has a menagerie of motorcycles including sidecar combos and an old Panther to his main squeeze a Victory Hammer S in sexy red. Richard has the most insightful thoughts and theories about life as well as the wickedest sense of humour.



James is a young rider, fun to chat with, cheeky with the ladies and it is also rumoured that he is a passionate lover. One of the terrible two, james and frankie can usually be found getting up to mischief as though they are twins. Where one is the other is sure to be.


Frankie rides an SV650. He is the youngest in our group at the moment. He likes hard rock music, riding his bike and WW2 vehicles. Frankie has recently passed his A2. The second of the terrible two, frankie can usually be found getting into mischief, with his non-related twin James. To simplify, Frankie Is Chaos, James is Mayhem.


He may seem young and cute but, he has a good head on his shoulders…and an opinion to match.


James (Jay) PROSPECT

In most of our opinions Jay is A striking Reggie Kray lookalike. A Cool, Calm and kind person, Jay has proved he is willing to do anything for his friends. Good Luck Jay!