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About Us

Cerberus MCC’s Ethos.

The idea behind Cerberus MCC is about promoting biking and saving the lifestyle we all have and enjoy; if us bikers don’t protect it, who will. The next generation of bikers should be able to live as we do, if they choose to, loving their bikes.

Membership is open to all; as long as you hold a full motorcycle licence (a restricted licence is still a full licence). Learner riders are encouraged and more than welcome as they are the new life blood of our kind. However, full membership cannot be granted until a full licence is held (so a learner can go no further than being a prospect until they have passed their test). We have and will always help any prospects as much as we can to help them to get their full motorcycle licence.


The club was started in November 2013. We are mixed bunch. Some older, some younger, some men, some women. We meet on Thursday evenings at the Red Lion Pub in Swanley Village Road, BR8 7NF. You are welcome to come and visit us on Thursdays. If you would like to visit us please e-mail the club secretary at