Cerberus M.C.C

Hello, and a very warm welcome to our website.


This is the virtual home of Cerberus M.C.C. We meet up regularly, once a week  in  North West Kent on a Thursday. We meet at The Red Lion in Swanley Village, BR8 7NF. We also ride out togther at every other ocassion we can. We like to visit other clubs and  go to parties and rallies. We also like trips to interesting places and to the beach...I mean, who doesn't love the beach!


If you are interested enough to read about who we are and what we stand for, there is a whole page of information on our website under the "About Us" heading.


We are a pretty friendly bunch and like to talk bikes. We also enjoy a bit of heatly banter.


So, if that sounds anything like you, don't feel alone. You'll have friends in Cerberus M.C.C.



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